Arches National Park Rangers’ Top 10 Tips for Visiting

Arches National Park Top 10 Tips

Arches National Park is unmissable. And by planning ahead with these ranger tips, you’ll have the best trip possible.

Located in southeastern Utah, Arches is a breathtaking wonderland known for its unique geological formations and stunning landscapes. The park’s most iconic features are its more than 2,000 natural sandstone arches, which have been carved over millions of years by the forces of erosion. These arches vary in size and shape, creating a mesmerizing spectacle for visitors.

Like all national parks, Arches is best explored if you “Know before you go.”

Thankfully, park rangers have a useful Top 10 to get you started.

Top 10 Tips from Arches National Park Rangers for the Perfect Visit:
  1. Pack your Patience. Anticipate crowds and traffic. Arrive before 8am or in mid-afternoon or later, when lines are shortest.
  2. Plan out the activities you want to do ahead of time.
  3. Have a backup plan in case Arches is already full (temporarily restricting access) when you arrive. There are many nearby attractions in the Moab area.
  4. Stay up to date on park closures and restricted access times by checking our Alerts or visiting Twitter.
  5. Be ready for the desert. Pack plenty of water and salty snacks. Stay safe by avoiding strenuous activity during midday and afternoon heat.
  6. Know the rules. From lighting up rocks to canyoneering, know what is and isn’t allowed at Arches before you visit.
  7. Leave no trace of your visit, including not marking on rocks.
  8. Leave your pets at home. The desert is a hard place for pets. Dogs and other pets are not allowed on Arches’ trails, even when carried.
  9. Camping in Arches is only allowed in a designated campsite, and the campground fills months in advance. Reserve a place to stay before you travel to Moab.
  10. Download and print Arches’ publications ahead of time to help plan your visit.

NPO Tip: While in the national park, visitors can also learn about the region’s rich history, including its ancestral Puebloan heritage and the early pioneers who settled the area. So be sure to ask park rangers about Arches historic sites.

Either way, with its awe-inspiring beauty and geological wonders, Arches National Park stands as a testament to the Earth’s natural forces and is a must-visit destination for those seeking to experience the raw beauty of the American Southwest.

Enjoy your visit to Arches! To head there in style, check out our national park gear here.

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