Our Mission

Nothing represents a conservation-minded love of the outdoors like the National Park Service. Each of our all-original designs captures the essence of your favorite national parks while benefitting those parks directly.
With every purchase, 5% of the profit is donated to the National Park Service to support nationwide conservation of the places we love.

In the future, we hope to up this percentage as our business grows.

National Park Outfitters is owned and operated by conservationist Jon D. B. and art director Brandee Kent. We’re a Nashville, Tennessee-based small business. All purchases are made through WooCommerce‘s secure, award-winning merchant system, so you don’t have to worry about your payment security with us.

All shirts are designed in-house, and then printed by Printify. As a fellow sustainability-focused company, local production is the core value of Printify. Clothing orders are printed, then shipped by U.S. printers, each as close as possible to our end-customer in order to reduce transportation distances and carbon emissions.

The creation of on-demand t-shirts also reduces waste, as only the shirts that are ordered by customers will ever be made. As a result of this process, shipping times on t-shirts average less than a week in the U.S. Shipping for hats and patches is fulfilled via USPS Media Mail and should arrive in 3-4 days from payment confirmation.

Co-founder Jon D. B, during conservation photography
Co-founder Brandee Kent and her favorite living thing, Leif

Our History

National Park Outfitters was founded in 2022 by author & conservationist Jon D. B. and art director & graphic designer Brandee Kent.

Jon & Brandee grew up just outside Great Smoky Mountains National Park in East Tennessee, leading Jon to a career in wildlife conservation and covering the National Park Service (NPS) for Outsider.com. Both hold a deep love for our North American wilds, the life within, and NPS.

Combining Jon’s conservation experience with Brandee’s graphic design expertise led to the founding of National Park Outfitters in 2022, with one mission: The brand must serve, benefit, and donate to uphold the tremendous work of our brilliant National Park Service.

Amidst a time of such drastic and rapid change, we thank you for supporting the conservation of the only planet we’ve got. We’re in this together.

Outfit Yourself.
Support National Parks.